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Start a Business from just $14 with ShowMyPC Remote Support and Online Meetings Packages

Budding entrepreneurs struggling to gather the start-up capital needed to get their business dream off the ground are being given a huge helping hand by ShowMyPC.com.

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) June 04, 2013 -- The desktop sharing experts have designed a brand new remote support and online meetings product which makes it possible to launch a business for just $14 a month. By dramatically reducing the investment needed to go from boredom to boardroom, ShowMyPC.com is encouraging and facilitating a whole new generation of digital boomers. It has poured all of its remote access expertise into its latest offering, developing a feature-packed offering suited to a multitude of industries and business models.

Wholly customizable and excitingly flexible, remote support and meetings packages from ShowMyPC.com contain everything needed to start doing business online with cutting-edge, web-based access. The tool means those just getting off the ground can provide remote support, connect with new business leads and conduct meetings and demonstrations online, wherever they are in the world.

The remote support and meetings package opens up a whole new means of sharing expertise and monetizing key skills. Significantly for those struggling to access funding, it does so with none of the financial barriers usually present at the business incubation stage. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on dedicated office space, telephone equipment and IT infrastructure, owner managers can invest less than $15 per month and access all of the same operational capability.

Efficient and effective, the service is overflowing with intuitive features, allowing users to customize their own solution. Functions include a branded application, website integration, integrated feedback tickets, room chat whiteboard, desktop and audio recording, conference call numbers, application sharing, scheduled meetings, desktop and audio recording and file and folder transfer. Vagish Narang, founder and CEO, said, "More and more people want to start their own business and be their own boss, perhaps to take control of their day, make more money or do something they are truly passionate about. Whether the goal is to make cupcakes or microchips, the one thing that every new business has in common is a lack of cash and lack of resources. We designed our new online meetings and remote support packages with this in mind - to give budding business owners the technological and organizational capability to get started without it costing the earth. The package grows as the business grows, so it's just as well suited to fledgling businesses that are already up and running."

Online meetings and remote support by ShowMyPC.com is applicable to a multitude of business models and verticals, from tech support, meetings, presentations, online classrooms and broadcasting. It provides a low barrier to entry compared to existing solutions with no compromise on the full feature set or quality of service. To find out more and get started, visit http://showmypc.com

About ShowMyPC ShowMyPC is a Delaware, USA incorporated company and a community for Instant Collaboration. ShowMyPC provides free services, subscriptions, custom solutions and products to Enterprises and Small Businesses. We have been providing collaboration and remote access tools and services since 2002.

Download Release: http://www.prweb.com/pdfdownload/10785691.pdf

ShowMyPC Service using Microsoft Remote Desktop

ShowMyPC has released an online service that lets users log into their Home or Office PC; from anywhere. This is the first hosted service in the world that uses the underlying Microsoft Remote Desktop program. Result, blazing fast performance even over slower connections.

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) November 30, 2009 -- ShowMyPC has released the world's first hosted Remote Access Service that uses the familiar Microsoft Remote Desktop Program to access Windows PCs from anywhere.

A large number of users use the Microsoft Remote Desktop Program to access their PCs within their home or offices. However, due to network limitations, they are not able to access their PCs from outside of their home or office networks.

Now, ShowMyPC has launched a online service that lets users access their home or office PCs from anywhere in the world. Under the covers, the service uses the familiar Microsoft Remote Desktop program. Once the users subscribe to the online service, they can download a small program which is installed as a "windows service" on their home or office PC. Thereafter, they can access this PC from anywhere in the world from a different computer, using a simple client program (also provided by ShowMyPC).

What sets the service apart from that provided by companies like Webex, GoToMyPC and Logmein is that it uses the built in Microsoft Remote Desktop program, which makes the service blazingly fast. It also enables accessing the remote Printers and Drives as if they were attached to the local PC. Security is provided by the built in Remote Desktop Program's login and password, and an additional login and password combination that the user can configure, the first time she installs the service.

More details are available at http://showmypc.com/service/index.html?partner=smpc

About the Company: ShowMyPC is a leading provider of web collaboration software using screen sharing and web meeting tools and is based in the heart of Silicon Valley (Santa Clara, CA).

No Mac Left Behind

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) May 27, 2008 -- For all the Mac users who feel left behind because there are no reasonably priced web meeting services available for the Mac, showmypc.com has the ultimate solution. A beta version of their software released this month lets users seamlessly conduct web meetings between a Mac and a PC (or a Mac and a Mac). And the best part is - it's absolutely free.

Imagine yourself, helping your mother with setting up her email account on her Mac at home, while you are in your office using a PC. Using this new software, she can now easily share her Mac screen with you, from anywhere in the world. You can be either using a Mac, a PC or even a Linux machine.

And using it is a snap too. You and a remote user simply visit showmypc.com and click on the "Desktop Sharing for Mac OSX" link. The application automatically starts, and with one click, you are on your way to viewing their computer screen or sharing your screen with them. Your security is ensured by 128-bit encryption and a random meeting code which only you and the remote user are provided before you initiate the meeting.

The service was originally started as a free alternative to more expensive services from Webex and Gotomypc. Today, it's being used by thousands of users to conduct web meetings and provide remote support. For more information on how to use the service free of charge simply visit showmypc.com.

About the Company: ShowMyPC is a web collaboration software provider of screen sharing and web meeting tools. The company is based in the heart of Silicon Valley, California and features the following products for free to the general public. Download Release: http://mediaserver.prweb.com/pdfdownload/954114/pr.pdf

Web Meeting Software Vendors Face Stiff Challenge, but Customers Get More Options

Summary: ShowMyPC, a maker of web meeting and screen sharing software has released a new addition to its suite of free desktop sharing software services. It's called 'application sharing' and 'file transfer' and is currently available only from some leading vendors like webex; but for a steep price. This is excellent news for small businesses, students, graphics designers, sales and marketing, road warriors and remote support companies who need the service but don't want to pay the steep price. The service is based on open softwares like vnc and openssh.

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) November 19, 2007 -- Good news for anyone who needs to conduct web meetings but finds the price too steep for advanced features that some of the leading vendors charge. ShowMyPC, a collaboration software maker recently added free application sharing and file transfer features to its suite of desktop sharing software services.

The ShowMyPC software not only lets users share their desktop screen with other users but also provides an option to share only a particular application. So far, the application sharing feature was provided only by big web meeting vendors such as webex, but for a steep price. However, ShowMyPC's recent release has made this exclusive feature available to the general public for free.

Once a user downloads their "no installation" program, they just press the "options" button before starting a meeting and can start sharing an application with other users.

In addition, there is a 'file transfer' feature that lets users transfer files between the two computers while sharing their application or screen. This is very handy for anyone who needs to support remote users using screen sharing and transfer files at the same time to the remote computer.

The best part is that unlike other products in the market from gotomypc.com and webex.com this service does not require elaborate and time consuming web registration or setup process. One click is all that is required to start using the service. The software can be downloaded from their web site showmypc.com.

Download Release: http://mediaserver.prweb.com/pdfdownload/570541/pr.pdf

Finally - a Free and Easy To Use Remote PC Login Service

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) October 18, 2007 -- ShowMyPC.com launched its free Remote PC login service today, which allows users to log into their PCs remotely from anywhere. The use of the service requires no user sign up or registration, and is completely free for individuals. The user creates his own access information on the machine running the service, and thereafter, this machine is accessible from anywhere using the same information. And this service is completely secure as it uses open source and standard software products like VNC and SSH for secure access and no passwords are ever stored on any central server.

Once installed, the software runs as a windows service so even if the machine restarts, the service re-starts automatically allowing the user to re-login without further intervention. It can be used for accessing your work PC from home - without the hassles of setting up a VPN. It is also a boon for business travelers, who need access to their home or office PC while on the road. And the service works through most of the firewalls and home routers. So with a few clicks one can get access to their PC from anywhere in the world.

Unlike other products in the market from gotomypc.com and webex.com this product is completely free and does not require elaborate and time consuming web registration or setup process.

In addition to this, ShowMyPC.com has made significant strides with its desktop sharing and instant file services - since its launch 4 months ago. There have been over 1.5 million downloads.

So, if any one needs access their PCs remotely or collaborate using desktop or file sharing, visit http://www.showmypc.com and check out the exciting tools available for free.

Download Release: http://mediaserver.prweb.com/pdfdownload/561948/pr.pdf

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